Thornhill, Ontario

Finicky Finches Need Nyjer


Nyjer® (thistle) attracts finches of all kinds. Its high oil content is an excellent energy source for active birds and is best used in our specially designed finch feeders. It is also high in protein which is especially appreciated for feather replacement during the molting season. It is important to keep the food fresh for our picky little eaters. Nyjer has a thin shell and is vulnerable to spoilage while in the tube. Once seed starts to dry out and become stale, finches will turn up their beak for fresher forage. Replace Nyjer seed in feeders every three to four weeks if it is not being actively eaten. Store your Nyjer in an airtight container for a longer shelf life, and buy in quantities that will be used up in a few weeks.


The Safflower Solution


If you are looking to be more exclusive with your bird feeding, Safflower may be the solution for you. Many of your favorite birds will enjoy safflower, yet blackbirds, grackles and squirrels typically don't. Safflower can be offered in hopper, platform or tube bird feeders, and it is especially appropriate for window or deck feeders where blackbirds or squirrels may be a problem. Offer safflower gradually, mixing it with the seed blends you currently provide, and over time, you'll end up with a dining spot for all kinds of birds, including House Finches, woodpeckers, nuthatches and chickadees!


Black Oil Sunflower

Oil Sunflower

A favorite of almost all seed-eating birds, your feathered friends will happily fill up on our Premium Oil Sunflower bird seed. It's a great source of energy for the birds and 99% free of sticks, stems or other foreign matter so your feeders won't clog with debris. Oil sunflower has a high calorie/ounce ratio due to its high fat and protein content and its relatively thin shell. Among seed ingredients, oil sunflower attracts the greatest variety of small and large seed-eating birds. Studies by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology have shown that most birds prefer oil sunflower seeds to both striped sunflower and white proso millet. Fill your feeders with this top-grade fuel, and watch the birds flock.


Get More With Hulled Sunflower

Hulled SunflowerGet more birds for your bucks by offering sunflower seeds without their shells. No shells means no mess under your feeder. Hulled sunflower seeds have a high oil content and provide birds with an extra kick of energy. It's an ideal seed to offer in feeders near patios, sidewalks or balconies. Offering hulled sunflower is also cost efficient because you're not paying for the shells that are not consumed.


Attract Birds with Peanuts

PeanutsAdd a peanut feeder to attract birds such as jays, chickadees, woodpeckers and nuthatches. Along with seed and suet, all of these birds will eat peanut pieces, which are high in fat and protein. It is fun to watch the behavior and antics of birds that come to peanut feeders.

Peanuts can be offered in mesh feeders, on platform feeders and in a variety of other specialty feeders.

As with all bird feeders, it is important to keep your peanut feeder clean, especially during hot and humid weather. When peanuts get wet, they can become moldy. Mold or fungi can cause problems for birds or other animals that eat the food. Add a peanut feeder to your backyard and watch the birds go nuts over this tasty treat.


Peanuts, Get Your Peanuts

Peanuts in ShellWe pride ourselves on being a one-stop bird feeding shop, not only offering bird feeders but also food to fill them. Blue Jays go nuts (!) over Peanuts in the Shell and will often cache them to eat later when other food is scarce.. Offer them in specialty feeders purpose made for peanuts in the shell, or put them out in a tray and watch them go fast!.